Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

How times have changed, a few years ago we would spend weeks planning the perfect New Year's Eve without having to think about child bedtimes, the impossibility of securing a babysitter or in my case spending the New Year nursing a sick toddler who is too blocked up to be able to sleep!

From experience we know that any type of planning or major hype is bound to doom any New Years so with this in mind we made our plans late on the 30th to avoid disappointment and with no hope of  the 'big bang' type of New Years we were happy enough to go out to a nice family dinner, catch up with a few friends at the lake and then head home for our son's bedtime....which became around 12am, thanks to a poorly timed Summer cold.

And while New Years is not what it used to be it's nice to take some time to farewell the previous year and look ahead to the coming year with hope and resolutions in place.

2010 is set to be a fantastic year for us both personally and professionally here at Bubs About Town so stay tuned for some new additions to the site and more fantastic articles, product reviews, book review, recipes, dining out information and so much more!