Friday, June 25, 2010

Angie's Birth Nerves

Bubs Partner Angie shares her nerves in relation to the upcoming birth of her second baby.

Well this is my second pregnancy and a totally different experience to my first, these final overdue weeks seem to be the longest days to wait so far. I eagerly await each day to see if by evening some signs may arrive for an impending birth. I’m not really sure why I expect things to happen of an evening or by night but anyway, those anxieties along with excitement happen daily, depending on how many times people have been in contact with me and asked the question yet again….”just calling to see if anything has happened yet?"
At 38weeks I tried to turn those nerves into positive mental thinking and the thoughts of a more natural approach to birthing, if nothing else other than to gain control over my fear of what all mums know to be a painful but positive experience of pain. Having been recommended by a friend to read the books, HypnoBirth and New Active Birth, I found myself immersed and as a result my frame of mind has suddenly become more relaxed from previous weeks gone by. I thought that if this only helps me during the early stages of labour then at least it will have helped me to relax, in turn allowing my natural endorphins to activate knowing now that labour progresses in a more controlled and efficient way when you allow your body to deal with this natural process, holding onto fear, pain and anxiety only inhibits these endorphins and produces adrenaline to slow everything down…ask me if this is all true after the birth and I can give an honest answer!

So for now, having attended my Obstetrician appointment today to discuss induction and sweeping of the membranes, I’ve been told that I’m already 2-3cms dilated with a fairly thin cervix so I need not worry if I wish to wait longer as things seem to be progressing along well naturally.

For now…. when my 2 year old is tucked up snugly in bed, I shall continue sitting on my exercise ball rocking my hips every night, just hoping that is all it takes soon….eeekkks!!!