Saturday, July 3, 2010

Toys and Tantrums

Bubs partner Sara shares her Toddler Tantrum moments....

Saturday is usually  'daddy day' with my husband and young son, they head off to GymbaROO, the toy library, the fruit shop and then home for a big sleep (usually both of them). I love my Saturday mornings, I get the housework done and usually manage to meet a friend for a hot choccy and shopping as well, it works out perfectly.

This week however, with GymbaROO on holiday and my husband taking the day off yesterday to look after our son while I attended a course I opted to have a 'mummy day' so daddy could get some work done. 

Our day was planned, off to the toy library where I hadn't been for nearly a year and then off to meet friends at Caves Beach Hotel, it was a mummy and children only day for most of my mothers' group so we thought we would treat ourselves and go somewhere special for the morning.

I was so excited and thought my darling son would be the same, trying to time it right I managed to get to the library only three minutes before opening time which still wasn't fast enough for first tantrum of the day outside the toy library at Lambton....bad enough but recoverable once the doors opened and we got inside....then we managed to get into the library and he was very sure of what he wanted, a giant red ride-on motorbike....not a problem but I wanted to make sure he knew what he was missing out on, the parade of 'oooohhh look at this car ramp and wow did you see this boat' was met with blank stares and lots of brrrmmmmm brrrrrmmmm noises.  Ok so a motorbike it was. 

Toy chosen and time to head off...or so I thought..... with a giant motorbike under one arm and a handbag full of books in the other I literally had to wrestle my delightful two year old off the library computer, practically bribe him to get him out the door and then manhandle him and the bike to the car, with a crying toddler in the backseat and a sniffling mum in the front, 'mummy day' wasn't looking so fun after all.

After getting to the hotel things had calmed down but I still had a very temperamental toddler on my hands, luckily after a while with his little friends he had calmed down and the day was saved!  The afternoon has not been so successful, a fall off his new motorbike resulting in a big bruise and lots more tantrums later we are now 'negotiating' shower time, so I'm hiding out writing this as mummy needs some time out and leaving daddy to cope for a few minutes while I vent.

It usually helps to get it all out so I'm hoping to feel more refreshed when I come off the computer and ready to deal with the rest of the nightly routine.....or perhaps we'll pop our darling son in bed a little early and some chocolate will help.....either way, tomorrow has to be a better day....doesn't it?

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